When I create pieces by free-form handbuilding, slowly and without too much thought, the clay gets shaped into obscure lumps that I call emotional state sculptures. I have named them simply 'lumps' because I haven't been able to specify them further. The emotions feel like obscure clumps inside me. Through the lump sculptures I learn to identify emotions and express them.

I have created all sorts of creatures from the feelings of not belonging and estrangement. They are my imaginary friends I create when I need sympathy. The creatures reside in my workshop and keep me company in my otherwise lonely work. It always puts me in a good mood when I look at their silly crowd staring back at me.

I make my sculptures of self-gathered clay and ashes collected from my brick oven. The material of the sculptures is barren soil that I make use of. It gives the pieces very special character. Wild clay is fine-grained soil that has a beautiful grey colour until it is fired in a kiln at over 1000 degrees Celsius and it turns reddish brown. I make my sculptures by coiling, slowly and patiently, layer by layer. The transformation from a clay clump hiding beneath the ground into a finished object is extremely fascinating. The pieces are filled with energy that has travelled through ice ages and that has gained its final form in the heat of the kiln.