In my pieces I use local natural materials such as ashes from my brick oven and self-gathered natural clay. I make my sculptures from clay by handbuilding, after which they are fired in the kiln at over 1000 degrees Celsius. For the surface texture I use wood ash from my brick oven and stone ash that is a by-product of the drilling of a geothermal well. Very few potters use self-gathered clay in their pieces so the use of these kinds of self-gathered materials makes my pieces unusual and unique.

The clay I use is unappreciated barren soil that wouldn't otherwise have practical uses. I collect clay from all over the region of North Karelia; from fields, lake shores, and building sites, with the permission of the landowner. Processing wild clay takes a long time and as a material it is often challenging. However, it is worth the effort as the results are very charming.

Clay gathered from nature is fickle and handling it requires patience and skill. I have noticed that working with wild clay has deepened my bond with clay and my pieces. You can try to control clay and discover that you can't change its qualities. It is an earthy material that is simultaneously fragile and durable. I find it fascinating to go back to basics and learn how to draw out the best in clay.